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Did you wake up a little blue this morning – even though everything around you is still dripping in bright holiday red and green? Maybe the holidays didn’t quite pan out the way you dreamed they would. Or maybe they didn’t measure up to the fond memories of your childhood.

Are you trying to enjoy those around you, but thinking of your loved ones no longer with you? Maybe thinking of all of the presents you didn’t buy for people or those you really couldn’t afford to give, but did? Maybe you’re starving for happiness even though you over indulged in so much food this season?

According to experts, the holidays are notorious for mixed emotions. It’s quite common to feel a little melancholy, especially during this time of so much supposed joy and happiness. But what can you do to move past being down and feel a little bit better about yourself?

Here are 5 tips to lift your mood today – or any day for that matter.

Embrace your feelings – If you’re missing someone who is no longer here, remember a happy occasion you spent together. Don’t regret that they’re gone. Appreciate a special time you enjoyed together.

Understand what happened – Why are you feeling down? Did someone not appreciate your gift? Did you burn the dinner? Break a treasured ornament? Sometimes we set such high expectations that they just can’t be met. Accept that life is imperfect and remember the good moments. There were probably a lot more wonderful things than you realize.

Indulge yourself – Maybe you were so focused on trying to make everyone else’s holiday perfect that you ignored your own needs. What makes you happy? Do that. If it’s watching a movie or chatting with a friend, do that. Right now.

Let it go – Did a family member or friend treat you in a predictable way? You know, the way that upsets you. Learn to accept them the way they are or talk with them about how they make you feel. If that doesn’t work, plan how you will deal with it next year so they can’t impact your mood.

Take a hike – Did you overindulge and feel guilty about it? Or was it the opposite – you didn’t really have any fun? You didn’t get what you wanted? There are so many possible things that might not have gone your way. Then get outside and go for a walk. If you live in a cold region, bundle up and appreciate the fresh snow. If you live in a mild climate, go for a walk on the beach or in the mountains. You’ll be amazed at how just a short walk might lift your mood.

Go ahead and try out one or all of these tips – right now – to help chase the clouds away. Give it some time and see how you feel. Temporary sadness oftentimes just goes away on its own after a few days. If your emotions don’t lift, or you develop signs of clinical depression, make an appointment with your medical professional.

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