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The hectic holidays have come and gone. Maybe it was extra joyous for you. Maybe it wasn’t as festive as you expected. Maybe you’re still walking on cloud. Maybe you have clouds in your coffee.

Either way, it’s time to get back to real life. But after the holiday rush, it’s kind of hard to get motivated. Most people feel some degree of let down after the holidays. That’s natural after all of the festivities. But according to experts, nearly 25% of Americans suffer from a very real combination of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) or a case of the winter blues.

So, we’ve picked 5 apps to help lift your post-holiday blues and stress to get you on a happy path to the new year.

Head Space – Feeling stressed out or can’t concentrate? Head Space works on both iOS and Android, and makes it simple to practice meditation and mindfulness. Features 10-minute meditation sessions on how to effectively sit, breathe and relax.

Gratitude Stream – Do you ever feel so blessed and grateful that you just want to share it with someone? Or see what others are grateful for? Gratitude Stream is a global sharing of good thoughts and what people are thankful for. Feel free to share or just read about others’ happiness.

Let Panic Go – Ever worry so much that your thoughts race uncontrollably and you experience shortness of breath. That’s a panic attack and it’s often due to feelings of fear about things you can’t control. Let Panic Go is designed to interrupt that cycle of thoughts to help you get your emotions under control.

iZen Garden – Now you can experience all of the peace of a zen garden without all of the messy sand. iZen Garden lets you chose from 100s of objects, plants and creatures to place in your garden and then rake the sand. After, you can share your zen garden with others and be inspired by their creations.

Live Happy – Felling a bit down? Need your happiness boosted? Live Happy helps you boost your overall happiness by engaging in simple activities that help improve your psychological well-being and chase away negative thoughts.

With more than one million phone apps on the market, try one of these – or explore others – to help elevate your mood and get back to enjoying happy thoughts.


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