While most of the northern United States was buried in blizzards last winter and other sections have been deluged with rain this spring and summer, much of the country is actually experiencing a great drought.

According to the National Drought Mitigation Center, areas in the Southwest and West Coast have such low water tables that they’re classified as being in a drought – ranging from moderate to exceptional. Even normally wet areas across the country are being labeled as being abnormally dry.

Such extreme lack of water is calling for extreme actions in some areas – from fines for wasting water to shutting off public fountains and other water features. But all people – no matter in a drought area or not – can do their part to help conserve water.

To help observe Smart Irrigation Month, here are 10 of the 49 ways the American Water & Energy Savers suggest to conserve water:

  • Check for leaks by seeing if water meter records use even during non-use.
  • Check toilets, faucets and pipes for leaks.
  • Take shorter showers & replace shower heads with low-flow options.
  • When washing dishes by hand, quickly rinse with a slow stream.
  • While all climates are different, keep vegetation healthy, but conserve water.
  • Have professionals check sprinkler systems and replace leaking sprayers.
  • Use a fibrous mulch to keep planted areas moist.
  • Switch out swimming pool filters for water-saving options.
  • Only use water features and fountains that recycle water.
  • Conserve water even in restaurants, hotels and at the gym.

Check out the rest of their Water Saving Tips or check your regional water conservation department for local specifics.

Consider sharing this information with others who might benefit from learning about conserving one of our most valuable natural resources.


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