We all know about the importance of good nutrition. Start off the day with breakfast. Make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Reduce processed carbs and sodium. Include more plant-based proteins. We all get it.

But when the mid-afternoon munchies hit, we want to eat food that satisfies more than just our nutritional needs. We’re looking to snack on something we really like, as well. According to food expert, Michelle May, MD, we’re hardwired to eat for emotional reasons and most of our snacks contain powerful natural chemicals that bring on pleasure.

Snacks don’t need to be bland and flavorless to be healthy and low calorie. Here are 5 innovative ways from The 25 Best Snacks for Weight Loss to build a snack that might just satisfy your need for flavor without packing on the pounds:

Turkey jerky with mustard – Each ounce of turkey jerky packs 10 grams of protein, but only 60 calories. Individual packaging helps keep portion size in control. Try dipping the jerky in nearly-zero calorie mustard that also adds flavor and important nutrients.

Pineapple with lime juice and sea salt – Fruits high in water content help the stomach feel fuller longer. Squeeze some citrus and sprinkle just a little bit of salt on top to enhance the flavor. Try it Mexican-style with a little tajin – a combination of spices and seasonings perfect for fruit – or another favorite spice.

Baked egg in an avocado cup – Slice a nutrient-packed avocado in half and drop in a fresh egg after removing the pit. Pop it in a toaster oven until the egg is cooked your favorite way. This high protein snack seems more like a meal, but weighs in at less than 200 calories.

Nut butter apples – Core an apple, slice it into thin rings, then spread almond butter in between each piece.  This bread-free sandwich is not only delicious, it’s packed with protein, vitamins and fiber.

Turkey and avocado wraps – Make little roll ups of sliced turkey and avocado for a no-carb snack, loaded with protein. Squeeze a little mustard inside, or spice it up with a little sriracha or liquid smoke.

If these ideas have excited you about creating interesting, healthy snacks that taste great and are still low calorie, feel free to share with a friend or coworker.


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