Our lives have been forever changed because of technology. Smartphones and apps have added a new dimension to staying healthy.

Exercise and fitness gadgets are the next evolution of technology that tracks our every action and stores the information for later analysis. They not only log and record activities, but each boasts special features for the specific exercise it was created for.

Here are 2 trend-setting gadgets to help you safely improve your fitness:


For runners and bikers, taking their eyes off the road to constantly check a watch or activity tracker can be extremely dangerous. This fitness gadget – weighing in at 1/3 of an ounce and clipping to any pair of glasses – allows athletes to keep their eyes forward while still checking their performance. Bright, multi-colored LEDs and verbal prompts guide people toward their personal targets for heart rate, speed, cadence and other measurements. The Sportiiiis keeps independent profiles for running and biking, and records workout data that can later be downloaded and analyzed.

IspO2 Pulse Oximeter

If you’re into high elevation activities such as mountain climbing or piloting, this might be just the gadget you need. Because of declining oxygen levels that occur at high elevation, it’s important to monitor oxygen levels to avoid conditions such as high altitude pulmonary edema or other forms of altitude sickness. The Isp02 Pulse Oximeter measures blood oxygen levels in the blood, along with pulse rate and perfusion index. Knowing these measurements is important to prevent hypoxia – a lack of oxygen to maintain even normal body functions.

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