4381838-ACardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in America. Luckily, there are many ways to improve heart health through monitoring, nutrition and medication. With digital technology, all of the things one needs to live a healthier life are now easily accessible on a smartphone.

Here are 5 apps for heart health Р­with a list of special features for each:

iBP Blood Pressure

iBP is a blood pressure tracking and analysis tool that can be used with a blood pressure measuring device.

  • Calculates arterial pressure and pulse pressure
  • Tracks blood glucose, stress level, medication dosage or exercise time
  • Indicates blood pressure ranges with color icons
  • Provides interactive graphs to display values by weeks, month or year


AliveECG allows users to create an electrocardiogram recording using an Alive Cor Hearth Monitor that attaches to a mobile phone.

  • Generates an ECG when users rest their fingers on the electrodes
  • Creates a complete log of ECG reports
  • Creates reports about a variety of findings from an ECG
  • Allows users to share reports with medical care providers


Cadiio allows users to measure their heartbeat by recording change in light reflected from the face as blood pumps through the body.

  • Calculates endurance score and specific heart rate analysis
  • Creates a fitness rating based on heart rate
  • Tracks performance history by the day, week or month
  • Creates high-intensity circuit training programs

Heart Pal

Heart Pal lets users log blood pressure along with other condition-specific capabilities.

  • Logs blood pressure and heart rate
  • Manages pill dosages and schedules
  • Logs and plots weight on charts
  • Emails report directly to medical care providers


SparkPeople offers food information to help people meet their nutrition goals.

  • Data base features 2,000,000 foods
  • Scans food barcodes for easy food entry
  • Features 600 exercise demonstrations
  • Lets users run reports right from within the app

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