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Seems we all wish we were just a little bit smarter. There’s so much information out there, but it’s often difficult to remember. Plus, our capacity to learn new information – and retain it – steadily diminishes as we age.

It might just be that we need to work on our ability to concentrate better and boost our brain’s ability to learn. Thanks to the majority of Americans now owning some version of a smartphone or tablet computer, there are countless apps available that can increase your brain power.

So, we’ve picked 5 apps for brain health to help you exercise your mind and make it stronger for years to come.

Luminosity ­– This app was designed to help you improve your recall and learn things in a faster, better way. Luminosity was designed by neuroscientists who developed clinically proven tools to help speed up your thinking power and improve your problem-solving skills. This app also helps you develop better concentration and memory, as well.

Clockwork Brain ­–This app features a series of mini games guided by Sprocket the Rocket that tests your abilities in logic, math and memory. Clockwork Brain was named one of the 500 best apps in the world by The London Times. An interesting aspect of the app is that all of the artwork is hand-painted by a variety of contemporary artists.

Wiki Hunt ­– If you’ve ever googled something and ended up on a wiki page, you’ll know that you can just keep continuously linking to other sites to discover more information. This app challenges you to learn about reading topical wiki articles with the goal of getting to a pre-determined location in a set number of clicks.

iCue Memory – If you’re bad at numbers, this app is what you’re looking for. iCue Memory is so well created that it’s endorsed by the USA Memory Championship. The app also gives you the capability to compete with other people all over the world for high score rankings.

Brain Challenge – If you like to play games on your smart phone, this app will give you 40 mini games that can train you in visual acuity, memory, logic, math and focus. It also encourages you to explore your creativity and monitor your progress on detailed, but easy-to-use, charts. Brain challenge also helps you learn how to prevent and control stress.

With thousands of brain boosting apps out there, give one of these a try – or find one that fits your needs – to build your thinking power.

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