Boiled eggs

Sometimes you just need a little snack to tide you over. Those times when a hefty sandwich is way too much and a handful of grapes just won’t do.

These easy-to-prepare treats are not only good, they’re good for you. And fairly low in fat and calories. Packed with vitamins and nutrients, you’ll want to pass over the chip bowl and reach for one of these.

Eggs – keep a couple hard-boiled eggs in your fridge or whip up your favorite style on the stovetop in mere minutes. Whether you like them scrambled or over easy, add a few drops of olive oil into a hot pan and you’re on your way to a quick treat.

Veggies – if you’re looking for something crunchy and colorful, try a variety of raw veggies. Fill a bowl with carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower or mushrooms – or whatever you like ­– and indulge in this nearly calorie-free snack. If you savor a little more flavor, dunk them in yogurt or hummus, but pass on the high-calorie dips and dressings.

Dried Fruit – just chewing on a few pieces of dried fruit will make you think you’re chomping on your favorite childhood candy. Consider experimenting with fruits you don’t normally eat fresh, like dried figs, plums, cherries or apricots.

Fruit Smoothie – blend a little yogurt and ice with a handful of strawberries or an apple – or any fruit – for a glass of digestion-enhancing probiotics. It will fill you up without overloading you with fat and calories.

Yogurt Cup – if you don’t want to rev up the blender, just mix the yogurt and fruit in a small glass or cup. Less noise, same benefit. If you go the pre-packaged route, watch out for excessive sugar that can add empty calories to an otherwise nutritious snack.

For more snack ideas, visit and type in your favorite ingredients. Enjoy one of their options or invent your own.

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