Even though we’ve been breathing since basically the second we were born – and doing it 30,000 times a day – it seems taking in all of that fresh air would be pretty simple. Not always.

Sometimes we need a little help to improve on something we usually do without even thinking about it.

We’ve chosen 5 of the best breathing apps for iOS that can help you improve your health by getting the most out of every breath you take.

  1. Breathing – If you have breathing difficulties, this app offers a customized training program based on Paranayama breathing. Initial testing on the app determines your inhalation and exhalation to discover your best breathing program. It also features simple warm-up and cool-down exercises, plus intense training for advanced users.
  2. My Last Cigarette – Best thing for your lungs – and health in general – is to stop smoking. This app has helped thousands of people quit smoking for good. By entering smoking habits and personal details, this app will display your expected lifespan, lung function, savings and more. It offers stats, testimonials and teaches you how to deal with cravings.
  3. Breathing Lessons – To develop deep breathing techniques, this app teaches you how to breathe better. Deep breathing involves more than just taking in air. You will learn the importance of posture and other body mechanics involved in breathing. Weekly tips and instructional videos help you achieve the benefits of deep breathing and better health.
  4. AsthmaMD – Created by a doctor, this app lets you journal your asthma easily and quickly. Colored graphs allow you to chart and visualize your asthma activity. You can also track asthma triggers like pollens, pollutants and allergens. You can even explore how various medications and treatments might improve your condition.
  5. Relax – Stress and Anxiety Relief ­– Everyone has stress in their lives. Some more than others. Finding time to relax can be very difficult for most. By practicing these breathing exercises for a few minutes per day, you can reduce the effects of stress, including stress-related illnesses. This app can also help you lower your blood pressure and heart rate naturally.

With millions of apps on the market, try one of these ­– or explore others – to make your 11 million breaths a year be more than just a bunch of hot air.

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