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Health technology is changing so rapidly that it’s hard to keep up with what’s the latest and greatest. The moment you buy a device to monitor your health or workout, it seems that a new and improved version comes out practically the next day.

Well, here’s your chance to get ahead of the pack and be in the know about the latest and most state-of-the-art health tech gear coming on the market this year.

Recently at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, more than 3,200 exhibitors showcased their latest technologies showing off the 20,000 new products they plan to launch this year. Although we can’t show you all of them, we have picked 6 cutting-edge digital health and fitness products that you might start saving for if you’re serious about monitoring your health and wellness.

ithlete Heart Rate Variability Monitor – With a heart rate monitor that plugs into an iOS device and then clips to your finger, you can measure how your heart rate varies when engaging in various activities. It also lets you know how well you recover from training. You can also input a variety of stats, like how much time you slept the previous night or how sore your muscles are. With all of the data, you can keep an eye on your health patterns over time .

MIO Link – This sleek, thin device worn on your wrist features a built-in heart rate sensor on the back that reads your heart rate continuously as you work out.  Its display is very subtle, with only tiny lights on the side that flash as you reach different heart rate zones. Brought to you by the same company that makes MIO Alpha, this new version is more sophisticated looking so it can be worn all day without it looking like athletic gear.

Spree Sports – This fitness and heart monitor tracks how you move, measures your heart rate and takes your skin temperature. The unique thing about Spree is that instead of wearing it around your neck or on your wrist, you wear it on your head. Resembling a head band that comes across the forehead, it not only obtains your biometric info, it also helps channel sweat from getting in your eyes while you train.

Wellograph – This high-end activity tracker, heart monitor and sports watch has a crystal-sapphire display that is stronger than steel. It was designed not only for its capability to track every activity all day long – from your commute, throughout your workday, during your workout and then during your evening activities – but also for its beauty, so that it looks appropriate to be worn all day long.

Jaybird Reign – This activity tracker – designed to be worn all day long – differentiates between activities, such as walking, running, swimming or bicycling. An interesting feature of the app is that it gives you recommendations for how much you should sleep that night, rather than just recording how much you slept the night before. It also reads your body and knows when it wants to be active.

Technogym for Google Glass – Technogym is now working with Google Glass so that you can control fitness equipment with Google Glass. It’s built on the UNITY platform and allows you to control fitness equipment with your voice commands. For example, if you’re on their treadmill, you can tell it to speed up or slow down as needed. The equipment display also allows you to choose from a variety of training activities.  Technogym makes other equipment that will feature Quick Response – commonly called QR – codes to give you ideas about how best to use them. It’s also connected to an overall ecosystem – – that will integrate with even more platforms such as RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, Withings and Fitbit. This will allow all of your health statistics to be integrated in one place.

Besides the variety of biometrics you can check and at a wide range of price points, these products are just a sample of the countless digital devices coming out this year to help you monitor your complete health and wellness in 2014.


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