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Some say it’s not ‘smart’ to keep your smartphone by your bed, or in it, for that matter. But now that phones have basically replaced everything from alarm clocks to books and flashlights to calendars, it’s nearly impossible to keep them out of reach. Even while you’re asleep. Now there’s a very valid reason to tuck them in with you before hitting the hay – they might actually improve your sleep.

The cutting edge technology of smartphone apps can now help you enjoy a more restful slumber. Below, we’ve selected 5 of the best apps for sleep. Just remember to set your phone to airplane mode so the irresistible ding of a midnight text or email doesn’t derail your trip to dreamland.

SleepCycle – For iOS, this ‘bio alarm clock’ tracks your movements while you sleep. Using motion sensors in your phone, this app constantly analyzes which stage of sleep you’re in. In doing this, the app starts to slowly wake you up – instead of a sudden jolt – at just the right time. By setting the alarm for the latest possible time you want to be awoken, the app senses when to start waking you up.

Sleep As Android – Similar to SleepCycle, this app for Android also tracks your sleep to find just the right time to wake you up. By sensing when you’re in a state of light sleep, it picks the optimal time for wake up, so your body feels more like it woke up naturally without an alarm clock.

Sleepbot – This app for both iOS and Android, not only tracks motion, but also your specific sleeping sounds. By creating a long-term visual history of your sleep patterns, it knows the best time to wake you. It also offers suggestions on how to get a higher-quality rest, such as bedtime snacks or exercises that induce sleep.

Pzizz – If you need a refreshing little nap or have trouble falling asleep, this app is for you. This app mixes a soothing voice-over with music and sound effects to gently lull you to sleep. It offers endless possibilities by creating a relaxing new playlist each time. Also for both iOS and Android.

Sleep Pillow – For those who can’t quiet their mind to drift off, this app for iOS features nearly 100 recorded sounds. From a bubbling stream to a wooden wind chime, the tones can be mixed to create 300,000 personal combinations.  This app can be set for the volume to gradually fade out while you drift off to sleep or gradually fade in to wake you up.

With more than one million phone apps on the market, try one of these ­– or explore others – to let Mr. Sandman bring you a dream. Hoping it’s the sweetest sleep you’ve ever seen.

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